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2012 Nissan Pathfinder

  • 2012 Nissan Pathfinder

    Nissan Pathfinder
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    • .Performed preliminary road test, unable to duplicate symptom. Vehicle starting, running and driving as intended upon inspection. Check engine light NOT illuminated upon inspection. Scanned systems for trouble codes, see printout. Trouble code P0335 stored for crankshaft position sensor/circuit; sensors for this application have an overwhelming failure rate. Inspected all harness connections, no faults found. Inspected battery, cables, and alternator connections, no faults found. Recommend replacement cam and crank sensors prior to any further diagnosis; Nissan North America has posted several articles stating faults with manufacturing processes for these particular types of sensors. R&R crank sensor – R&R both cam sensors – Radiator cap (NOT expansion tank cap) is leaking, coolant level is full – Recommend rear diff fluid exchange (age/mileage) if not recently serviced – Recommend transmission fluid exchange (age/mileage/fluid color) Vehicle has active recalls, notify customer
    • CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR – Remove & Replace – V6 Both
    • CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR – Remove & Replace – V6
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