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2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser

  • 2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser

    Chrysler PT Cruiser
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • (Combination) – WATER PUMP – Remove & Replace All Applicable Models
    • CYLINDER HEAD GASKET – Remove & Replace – All Applicable Models – [Includes: Remove carbon and check surfaces for warpage. Includes (where applicable): Adjust idle speed, Ignition timing, Valves and clean and adjust Spark Plugs.]
    • TIMING BELT – Remove & Replace – All Applicable Models – [DOES NOT include Air Conditioning System recover, evacuate and recharge.]
    • Vehicle is overheating. Has overheated several times. *Diag: (Multiple Overheating Condition) Attempted to start engine, found engine would crank but not start. Cranking sequence/rhythm indicates severe loss of compression. Inspected underside of oil cap and found heavy cross contamination of engine oil and coolant. Checked coolant level in filler neck, no coolant could be seen. Coolant residue is evident in several places surrounding engine. Recommend cylinder head removal for cooling system breach inspection, suspected cylinder head/gasket failure
    • Cylinder Head – Correct damage from overheating
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